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For conducting accredited land title surveys like ALTA (American Land Title Association) and ACSM surveys, Calvada, Surveys Inc. is an approved survey corporation in the United States. The ALTA and ACSM surveys are specially meant for commercial purposes, and there is a uniform set of standard code is set for conducting these surveys for construction purposes. At Calvada, we meet all survey standards as set by the government and other authorized institutions that make our service a reliable survey service.

These ALTA land surveys are further known as the Due Diligence Surveys. Calvada and its survey team meet all surveying expectations, including the survey quality, and trust including vast industrial experience. These surveys are often commissioned to offer information to the country zoning laws, setback requirements and also for the height requirement of the property. All of the ALTA and ACSM survey methods offered by us ensure a high degree survey technique that is in compliance with the guidelines set for surveyors. Our ALTA and ACSM surveys are also accepted by the insurance companies when produced as the documentation proofs, for claims, security and more.

ALTA and ACSM Survey Highlights

The vital information provided in the ALTA and ACSM Surveys is sure to assist the lender as well as the purchasers in evaluating the land and property for potential risks and also the benefits of owning a property. The applications of ALTA and ACSM surveys include:

  • Provides information about property boundaries and easements,
  • Further offers suggestions for improvements on the land, such as fences, trails, roads, and rights of ways, and more
  • Information on other features of the property that may affect or determine the ownership of the property
  • Information about the land which may require further investigation pertaining to the possibility of the property adverse rights.
  • These surveys further show improvements and easements, ownership areas, encumbrances, encroachments on the property, a property‚Äôs boundaries, and other vital aspects of the land ownership.

These surveys may cost you little above the standard and traditional land surveys meant for mapping and contouring land and properties. But the ALTA and ACSM surveys are more precise, accurate, faster, and the information provided are also many detailed.

For high end land surveying including ALTA and ACSM surveys as per the governmental guidelines set, Contact Calvada Surveying for ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey.

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Know more about our services like ALTA/ACSM standard topographic surveys and land title surveys. Our topographic surveys, land title surveys meet all ALTA/ACSM standards.