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High Definition Surveying
High Definition Surveying, 3d Laser Scanning

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High Definition 3D Laser Scanning Survey for Land

The most updated and advanced among the land surveying techniques used today is the 3D Laser Scanning Surveys method. This is a High Definition survey methodology that is more accurate and swift compared to the traditional survey methods. This 3D High Definition survey is useful for the surveying architects, building constructors and other project developers to accurately survey the land that is already constructed and being examined for renovation, remodeling, destruction and more.

High Definition 3D Laser Survey Methodology

The High Definition Scanning methodology involves an updated scanning system that is fast, versatile and also accurate. High-end software is also used for viewing the scanned 3D images in the HD survey that offers panoramic images, markups and other measurements. The HD 3D scanning surveying also takes 360 by 320 degree photo realistic panoramic scans, offering exclusive and precise 3D images to the surveyors.

The 3D HD survey method of Calvada can be applied to a number of applications such as :

  • Update and creation of up to date as-built documentation
  • Condition and damage assessment
  • Data exchange with many CAD platforms
  • 3D semi-automated modeling
  • Clash/Interference checking
  • They are also used for creating 2D plans
  • As the survey name suggests this survey offers complete 3D CAD models precisely and quickly from point clouds
  • 3D survey results are useful for Aid in inspections
  • Deformation analysis and also for weld peaking reports
  • Tank/vessel volumetric information

The 3D High Definition survey method is ideal for a project in its various developmental phases like project planning, project initiating phase, project upgrade and also at the conclusion phase of a project. The 3D HD survey from Calvada can also be applied to a variety of business needs, including industries, companies, construction projects, residential areas and more.

Highlights of Calvada’s High Definition 3D Laser Survey

The 3D HD survey methodology eases the construction process in countless ways. Our cutting edge survey technology and methods offers extended constructability to our clients, hence all leading construction companies from all over the world make use of our HD 3d scanning laser services . Few of the highlights of our services include:

You more about our survey highlights and other services including costing by contacting us instantly!

3d Laser Scanning & High Definition Surveying
High Definition 3d Laser Scanning & Surveying
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