First Creek Sanitary
Sewer Lift Station &
Force Main Alignment

Aurora, CO
Calvada Surveying provided land surveying services to aid our client in the design of a new lift station for the City of Aurora. Calvada Surveying provided a Design Topographic Survey that established the topography of the site and the horizontal and vertical locations of existing structures, pipelines, and all utilities both above and underground. In addition, we were also responsible for location and staking of soil boring holes.

First Creek
Pueblo West Metropolitan
District Project

Pueblo, CO
Calvada Surveying is the surveying and mapping service provider for ongoing projects associated with the Pueblo West Metropolitan District. Past projects have included providing Design Topographic Surveys, Soil Boring Staking and Utility ID to assist in the design and construction of an above ground 2MG water storage tank and to assist in the design and construction of a sewage lift station and approximately 1,500 linear feet of force main to be constructed adjacent to existing facilities. Calvada Surveying has also provided boundary, improvement and topographic survey work for expansion of a pump-back system at the District.

Pueblo West
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