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For your land surveying and 3D scanning requirements, trust only Cavada Surveying, Inc., a leading land surveyor in all of the Western United States. Our services include ALTA and ACSM Surveys, Boundary Surveys, and Residential and Property Surveys, but we are sought after for our 3D scan services, providing clients with the most accurate data for their design and/or construction/development projects.

We are among the elite and veteran land surveying companies offering cutting edge 3D technology in the form of High-definition surveying (HDS) or 3D scanning services. With the latest in 3D scan techniques, we are able to perform traditional laser scanning services with more accuracy while also coming up with new ways to provide added value to our clients.

The 3D laser scanning survey system that we use employs a high-speed laser radar scanner with an impressive 360x270-degree field of view. This 3D scan technology can survey any exterior, interior, man-made, or natural structure and/or area within its field of view. It creates a comprehensive raw data set in the form of a 3D image composed of millions of data points known as 3D point cloud. Every 2 points of the 3D scan (point cloud) correspond to point measurements in AutoCAD, with up to 6mm accuracy. This kind of high-definition 3D laser scanning system allows a quick, complete, and accurate survey surface geometry.

The raw 3D scan data can even be used with specialized software in order to view, pan, rotate, and zoom in 3D, as well as obtain instant point-to-point measurements. Additional laser scanning and post-processing services make it possible to translate raw data into highly accurate 2D or 3D AutoCad drawings for visual walkthroughs, design, and rendering full 3-dimensional, solid models.

At Calvada Surveying, we use only the most advanced technologies to understand even the most complex real-world environments. Our 3D scan services allow easier analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of 3D models and provide valuable insights that allow designers, builders, engineers, and contractors to better understand the physical relationship between buildings and land structures. Our high-definition scanning services help reduce project time and cost, and even detects and rectify possible construction errors. With more accurate data on hand, it is easier to complete projects in a more precise and error-free manner.

We offer an entire range of surveying and measurement solutions that are tailored to meet your project needs. If you want highly accurate dimensional data for any type of surveying projects, Calvada Surveying is the company to call.

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3D laser scanning or high-definition surveying is a useful and efficient way to gather highly reliable land surveying data. Calvada Surveying, Inc. is a leading land surveying company providing professional land surveying services in Arizona, Northern California, Southern California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming